9th ABS 2023 Exhibitor:  KED Energy

The global push towards reducing carbon emissions and addressing global climate change has led to an increasing demand for electric vehicles. And the birth of the  EVcharger industry!

In order to inspire and energise the EV-revolution of Mobility into a sustainable lifestyle and providing choices, the KED Energy Pte Ltd has decided to take part in the 9th ABS (Architecture & Building Services) 2023 at the  MarinaBaySands (MBS) Singapore Expo Centre from 15-17 Nov 2023.

“We would like to take part in ABS 2023 and to showcase our EV products and services to the target audience of building owners,  MCST’s  M&E consultants and property  developers, said Mr. Kelvin Phan managing director of KED Energy Pte Ltd.

He added: “With a strong understanding of the EV charging solution market, KED offers a cost-effective and capable set of solutions for long-term  sustainability.

“As more consumers and governments prioritise EV adoption, the need for a robust and efficient charging infrastructure has become essential. The EV charging industry is experiencing  innovations in charging  technologies, including faster charging speeds, higher power outputs, and improved interoperability between different types of charges and vehicles.”

According to Mr. Phan, our generation is facing an  energy and technological transition. In the new world,  connectivity is enabled through electricity.

“With rising calls for sustainability, the use of effective electrical solutions is essential to  decarbonise and achieve positive  climate impact for our world.

“At KED Energy, we keep energy flowing. We empower all by integrating and bridging energy and electrical solutions sustainably. We are your partner for  connectivity,  reliability and sustainability.”

KED Energy Pte. Ltd is the subsidiary of  KyoEiDenko Pte Ltd. KED Energy specialises in EV charging. It is brought to life by leveraging the electrical engineering expertise of its parent company, with its business principles unchanged.

Established in 2002, Kyo Ei Denko Pte Ltd is a  BCA-certified ME05 L5 electrical engineering company specialising in Building Construction electrical work.

The company has completed over 100 projects to date and counting and has worked with countless companies from private and government agencies in Commercial,  Cleanrooms,  Factory,  Plant, and  Infrastructure such as  SMRT,  LTA, and  CAG.

Mr. Phan welcomes all building owners and managers as well as  managing agents and property developers to its stand at K18 at the MBS Exhibition Halls from 15-17 Nov 2023.