9th ABS 2023 Exhibitor: PowerTechnologies

Guess what! A Singapore SME, Power Technologies is spearheading a US$11.1 trillion business in the industrial IoT in power grids or utility in the Asia & Asia Pacific market.

Power Technologies, founded by Mr. George Lim a decade ago, is in the business of marketing and manufacturing of electrical accessories such as a senor that is capable to monitor the temperature of outdoor grids to ensure their safety and sustainability.

Power Technologies would be sharing its technologies at the 9th ABS (Architecture & Building Services) 2023 scheduled at the MarinaBaySands (MBS) Singapore Expo Centre from 15-17 Nov 2023.

Said Mr. Lim: “During the Covid pandemic, we embarked into the InternetofThings where most people back then didn’t believe that things would change to remote monitoring, and accessibility in the grid industry.

“We saw the opportunity of smart grids. So, we focus on producing our own sensors that are capable of monitoring the condition and temperature of outdoor grids like 800,000 volts, 500,000 volts and 230,000 volts etc. We have a lot of success cases in the region.

“In recent achievements, we’ve successfully completed the construction of three substations with a remarkable capacity of 800,000 volts each, along with an impressive total of 12 substations at 500,000 volts.”

According to Mr. Lim, the research and development of his unique and versatile sensor was done and designed and developed in Singapore, and where he collaborates with trusted high-end specialist manufacturers.

Mr. Lim explained: “This is the beautiful part that where we grow a lot, people recognise Singapore and our products. So today, we have a lot of customers or potential customers from other regions including the Middle East, Europe and even the USA.

“Uniformity of sensor data enables the best use of AIanalytics, leading to increased efficiency in the procurement process, and reduced operating expenses spent on on-site staffing levels. This will also allow you to deploy manpower more efficiently.”

According to McKinsey Global Institute & Gartner, it is predicted that the total potential economic impact of IoT will be in the range of U$3.9 trillion to U$11.1 trillion per year in 2025.

Mr. Lim added: “With so much business and development in the region, our vision is to help more customers maintain their outdoor grids in good condition and maximise efficiency.

“We want to assist our customers to digitalise their substations and electrical assets to prevent incidents and fires, with proper monitoring of their power grids and substations with our sensors. We want to do that with our Singapore-based technology.”
Mr. Lim looks forward to meeting up with all the electrical and engineering contractors attending the SECA-organised conference in conjunction with the 9th ABS 2023. The Power Technologies booth is at M33. See you there.